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Reality Mine

Help Fund Reality Mine, a psycho-drama focussing on how internet surveillance allows governments – and worse – to control and destroy peoples’ lives.

Hi, I’m Nick Goulden, the director of the recently shot film, Reality Mine, starring Rock’n’Rolla’s Michael Ryan, Jersey Boys’s Jye Frasca and Sean Browne.

Please help us complete our film! Prinicpal photogrpahy took place 19-21 July and we’re raising funds to complete the post-production to get our film finished to the highest standard and get it out to competition, distribution, and to you!

We’ve got a brilliant, award-winning team, so please take a quick look and, if you like the project, please help us!


Reality Mine is a psychological short drama exploring the modern reality in which unprecedented levels of knowledge grant unheard of power, open to abuse by governments – or anyone with the right know-how.

When family man Max Keller is implicated in alleged animal rights terrorism, arson and murder carried out by Dan, his brother, he must choose between loyalty to his brother and protecting his family – and himself. What would you do?

It focusses on the modern reality – much in news recently – of how governments and other organisations covertly trawl the internet for information, building up vast pools of data on millions of individuals.

One such term for this is ‘Reality Mining’:

“Reality mining is using the digital breadcrumbs we leave in everyday life to understand our behaviour. So, as you walk around with a cellphone, you leave position markers; you call people, you use your credit card… And we can collect those up to build a psychological profile of you…”– Professor Sandy Pentland, Director of the Human Dynamics Laboratory, MIT

With virtually unlimited access to data, it is now possible to build a profile of someone complete to the last detail. The result is that, without fully realising it, we have entered into a new reality whereby the government can know everything there is to know about us.

Who is to stop them abusing that power?

We feel this is a vitally important issue that is ill-understood in the popular conscience. We need your help to make this film, and spread the word.

Why Should You Help?

Reality Mine focusses on important issues that affect us all and that need exploring. With your help, it’s also going to be a cracking film that gets seen.

The more resources we have, the more we can spread the word to get it, and the issues it represents, seen by as many people as possible.

Where Does Your Funding Go?

In order to make this as good a project as it deserves to be, we need £10,000. We already have nearly £5,000 in place and so we are asking you to help us with the remaining £5000.

We have already completed principal photography, filming from 19-21 July, in London and in Berkshire, England.

Here’s the basic budget:

  • £2000 – Camera & Lighting
  • £500 – Travel & Vehicle Hire
  • £750 – Catering
  • £300 – Props & Set Design
  • £150 – Costume
  • £100 – Make-Up, Hair & Prosthetics
  • £600 – Cast
  • £550 – Locations
  • £500 – Special Effects
  • £500 – Crew Expenses
  • £250 – Admin Costs & Pre-Production
  • £1000 – Offline Edit
  • £400 – VFX
  • £500 – Sound Design & ADR
  • £300 – Original Composition
  • £650 – Online Edit & Versioning
  • £250 – DVD’s, honouring perk commitments
  • £700 – Festivals & Marketing
  • TOTAL: £10,000

If we can raise more, we’ll be able to put more into the film!

And What Do You Get For Helping?

We are truly humbled that you are even considering supporting this film and will pay you back as best we can. Please take a look opposite at the possible perks – from signed photos of our cast tosigned scripts, from a thank you in the credits to a full executive producer credit, the list goes on. We’re even giving away props from the film and other memorabilia – we hope there’s something for everyone.

What Happens Next?

FIlming is complete and Post-production has already begun. We’ll be making regular updates during the filming process and are scheduled to have the final cut complete by the end of Autumn 2013 in time for film festivals in 2014. Please join us on the journey, and spread the word!

Can You Help Without Contributing To Funding?

Yes! Please spread the word about the film – we want as many people to know about it as possible. Films are no good if no-one knows about them!

Who Is Keen City?

Keen City is an award winning production company based in London, UK. We have a sound pedigree of working with highly talented actors on acclaimed productions including:

Please spread the word about the film – we want as many people to know about it as possible. Films are no good if no-one knows about them!

Who’s The Team?

Nick Goulden – Producer/Director

Nick began his professional career in 2005 working on the floor of numerous films and has most recently been the 1st Assistant Director on feature films Implementation and Traveller, as well as numerous pop vides, shorts and commercials.

Nick founded Keen City in 2008 and has produced and directed several award winning shorts and promos, including Alleyman (2011) and The Tyrant’s Cup (2012).

Tom Harberd – Producer

Tom is an independent film producer and film finance consultant and president of TAG Productions. Tom has broad film industry experience, encompassing development, production, finance and business affairs. He advises film sector start-ups on finance and corporate strategy, as well as assisting producers in the UK and abroad to package and finance their feature films. He is currently setting up a fund to lend against the UK production incentive for low-budget features.

Tom spent three years in Doha as the principal adviser to the Qatar Foundation on their film and media interests; before that, he was an Associate in the Film Finance team at BMS Finance in London, where he participated in the financing of films such as Made in Dagenham, Moon, Fish Tank and Adulthood.

Tom and Nick collaborated on Keen City’s ‘Up On The Roof’ starring Maisie Williams, and co-developed Reality Mine from that point.

Adam Scarth – Director Of Photography

Adam is a Cinematographer based in London, with experience in Dramas, Commercials, Promos & Documentaries and have worked in all major film and digital formats.

Adam has worked world wide in varying conditions from 40c+ deserts to conflict zones.

Countries worked in are the UK, Germany, Kosovo Egypt, Mali, Niger, Gambia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine (Gaza) & Indonesia.

Sean Browne – Max

Sean Browne

Sean is a versatile actor who has been working in the film & theatre industries for 10 years.

Sean Browne..brilliant..unnerving” The Express

Jye Frasca – Charlie

Jye Frasca

Jye was born in the beachside city of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, and has been a professional actor since the age of 9.

“Jye Frasca is absolutely fantastic…” Confessions Of A Theatre Girl

Michael Ryan – Dan

Michael Ryan

Former Hollyoaks and Rock’n’Rolla star Michael Ryan brings great energy and presence to the role Rebel-With-A-Cause Daniel Keller.

How Can I Find Out More?

Please contact me at and I’ll happily answer any questions you may have about the project.

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Kickstart Classical Music! #Kickstarter

Help Omaha Symphonic Winds commission Keith Michael Davis to compose a new work for band based on 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Among the goals of Omaha Symphonic Winds is the commissioning of new pieces to add to the concert band repertoire. OSW performed two premieres in 2012, and will present 2 world premieres this October.

Recently, OSW commissioned Nebraska-based composer Keith Michael Davis to write a new work for us. Keith studied French horn and composition at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. He is an accomplished composer, and has received 9 previous commissions for band compositions from public schools, the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the Nebraska Wind Symphony.

I was particularly taken with Keith’s Aubade for solo oboe and wind ensemble. He successfully captured the French Impressionist style of composition for this haunting piece. In discussing a new major length piece for OSW and my admiration of Aubade, Keith sought a subject that would lend itself to impressionism.

Keith chose Jules Verne’s novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea as the subject of his piece called Nautilus. The scenes include: I. Prologue: Submarine Menace, II. Mobilis in Mobile, III. The Sunken Continent, IV. Squid Attack, V. Coral Reef Burial, VI. Into the Maelstrom, VII. Epilogue: The Mysterious End of Nemo. Keith has already written about 5 minutes of the planned 12 minute work. The world premiere of Nautilus will be given in May 2014 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Keith’s fee for composing “Nautilus” is $3,000. This is a large expense for a young ensemble such as OSW, so we invite you to join with us to help bring this piece to life. Please select one of the reward packages listed on the right, and pledge your donation to this worthy project.

Thanks for promoting the creation of new musc!

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Go Ahead and Sang The Blues Kickstarter

“Go Ahead And Sang The Blues!” This says it all!

“Go Ahead And Sang The Blues” is going to be a solid blues album which will include some down home, old school style blues and feature some of Arkansas’ favorite blues musicians. Our rythmn section will include international blues bassist John Davies and drummer Johnny Arredondo, We have approached international blues harmonica player RJ Mischo and blues guitarist Earl Cates to lay down a few tracks as well. We will have other guests on this album too and are excited to be working with blues promoter Charles Ragsdell who will also be producing the album. “Go Ahead And Sang The Blues” will include at least 9 new original songs as well as our versions of an old Lightening Hopkins tune, an old Sister Rosetta Tharpe tune and a song written by Chicago blues singer Karen Carroll. How many songs we track will depend on our budget. We are excited about this CD because the original tunes are close to the heart and have been getting a tremendous response at the live shows. There will be no holding back on the emotion that these songs need in the vocals or musicianship.

Making an album is very expensive and can be very difficult for independent artists to accomplish without some sort of support. The most common support would be to borrow the funds, find an investor, or sign with a label to support the cost. We wanted to keep out the middle men and include our listeners so we thought, why not involve our listeners in helping toward making this album possible rather than going through an investor or label. This keeps it personable and independent. Independent artists are like small cooperation’s all over the globe and we must come up with creative ways to support our cooperation’s. The listeners are the ones who make it possible for us to do what we do and are the ones who support our small cooperation’s, so they should be put first and involved in this process. In return we thank them personally and strive to continue to put out good medicine.

We have already had $2000 donated to this project. We estimate that it will take around $7000 to complete it in the manner we hope to. If we are to raise more than our goal then that will allow us to order more bulk CD’s and invest in more dynamic promotions. We are able to record this album at such a low rate because of the kindness and generosity of those involved.

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Help fund the Mockumentary “Sidney’s Clients”

It takes a special type of crazy to stick to the Hollywood Scene for many years, and Talent Agent Sidney Fuller represents them all.

What does Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, Dexter, Married With Children, Bewitched, Nip/Tuck, Malcolm in the Middle, Spike TV, Bring it On, Britney Spears, NSYNC, Brothers and Sisters, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Weeds, The Bold and The Beautiful, Gunsmoke, The Parkers, The Fosters, The One Percent, Knot’s Landing, Mission Impossible … okay, now we’re just name dropping. What you have is real Hollywood movers willing to share their lives with you. Of course, we’re going to pretend it’s scripted in the event the public has an issue with their behavior, but we’re going to take their day to day experiences and show them to you. The way this came together was my personal Blessing of making friends with each of these amazing people and my being so enamoured with them that I wanted to share who I see with you. These are a bunch of “nuts” I’m proud to call my friends, and I think they’re more interesting than most of the people that spend their time fake fighting on the TV screen.

For years, Widestance Productions has been bringing shows that make people laugh to the stage in Philadelphia, Boston and Los Angeles. Lately, it’s tougher to get folks away from their computers so we’ve decided to bring the fun to you. Unfortunately, our actors are tough to pin down with their daily grind, so we decided we’d just follow them around with cameras during their average day and see how they behave. The camera reveals that to make it Hollywood, you have to have at least one major quirk (and more often several). Sidney Fuller, a has-been talent agent who sells out his clients to a reality show Producer to keep his failing agency alive picks the most colorful of his clients. What Sidney didn’t realize is that his clients are even nuttier than he already knew and he’s kind of a nut himself. In fact, he thinks they all have crazy Spiritual ideals, so he calls their world “Holywood”. He can’t control them and ends up having to work double time making sure that they don’t do anything too embarrassing in front of the cameras. The fun in this fake reality show is that most of what happens on camera actually is reality and actually did happen, more than likely to one of our actors. We won’t tell you who though. Although this casually filmed intro was produced in an acting studio, we’re going to take the crew out on the streets – literally where they spend their days and nights to show you THEIR Hollywood which is hardly the glamorous life depicted on most shows. You’ll also find it’s not as scary as some of the crime dramas portray, although we can’t promise these actors won’t have run ins with the law. We hope to fund the first 2 episodes totaling 44 minutes with your generosity.

And in case you don’t recognize our cast, we have the legendary Arlene Martel, most famous for playing Spock’s wife on “Star Trek” among many memorable roles such as Melvina the Terrible on “Bewitched” or the chilling Nurse at the morgue in ‘Twilight Zone”. Our sexy male lead is Gustavo Carr who is best known for “Bring it On: All or Nothing”.Donna Pieroni has nearly one hundred shows to her name as a character actress that include anything from “Mad TV” to “Dexter” and “Weeds”. Marc Segal brings great comedic timing to the role of Sidney just as he did spoofing Sophia Petrillo in a musical tribute of “The Golden Girls”. Among other things Kirstina Colonna was recently named MacEnstein’s “hot chick of the month” and is well known to the modeling world and fans of Spike TV. Daffany Clark is a hilarious comic actor who is best known for “The One Percent” and “The Fosters”. And Barbara Scolaro has been in movies and TV to include “Malcolm in the Middle”, “Boston Legal” and “Nip/Tuck”

We will do our best to pitch the show to E, Netflix, Hulu, and Bravo to start. Although with the fast changing world of TV we could end up anywhere.

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Help Kickstart Abrial’s Debut Album, “Take Shelter”

An indie-roots record about looking everywhere for the person closest to you.

If you’re like me, the first thing you want to know is “where are the songs?” Take a listen on my Facebook or Soundcloud page.

Here’s the backstory: about six or seven years ago, my brother and I were wandering around the country, bumming it, thumbing it and generally up to no good, when we stumbled on some lovely folks who followed the Vedic scriptures and liked to sing the names of God. We were raised with lots of music and singing in our life, and joining in felt natural. It turns out those names have a certain attractive quality about them, and pretty soon we were singing them all the time.

I couldn’t relate to what was playing on the radio. I was hungry for songs that spoke to my experience – searching for God, looking everywhere, getting lost and then finding Him sitting patiently next to me the whole time. I remembered the songs I grew up with – hymns, traditionals, porch songs, farmers songs, common sense songs, real life songs. I remembered their easy reverence, their keening hope and I kept waiting for someone to write more songs like that. Then, words started popping up in my head, then tunes, then chord progressions and it occurred to me finally that maybe I should stop waiting and start writing. The song I chose for the video is the first one I ever wrote. You can hear the whole thing here:

“Everybody Knows” from Take Shelter

These songs have been percolating for over five years now and I’m fairly bursting to get them out of my head and into yours. There’s a lot more where they came from, some fully formed, others in various stages of disarray, and I’m looking forward to freeing up some creative energy to focus on new work. I was never sure what avenue these songs would take to a wider audience, but I always knew that writing and singing them was at least a reminder to me of what’s important, and what I want to hold onto. They have helped me through a lot of tough times, and I hope they can help you too.

Last winter, a couple of favorable circumstances converged and I decided to finally bite the bullet and commit some of my songs to tape. I landed in Austin, Texas first and enlisted friends (old and newly met) to experiment with some of my songs that needed a bigger sound behind them. We holed up at an awesome little studio called Big Orange for five days, and pulled off some pretty cool stuff. You can listen to one of the Austin songs below and download three of the best as part of the rewards:

“Trouble” from the Austin Sessions

With limited time and money, though, I decided to focus on recording a consistent album of songs that stood on their own, with (mostly) just me and an acoustic guitar. I was blessed to know Kristina Stykos, who records out of Pepperbox Studios at her home in Vermont, and she very graciously poured herself into the task at hand. We found our sensibilities were well in tune with each other, and the process was natural, fun and exhilarating.

with my brother Josh on the hand ocharinawith my brother Josh on the hand ocharina

Cost-wise, I was able to fund most of the recording and mixing out of pocket, but I ran out of money towards the end and there are more costs associated with getting the CD ready to ship. It needs to be mastered (the final fine tuning that ensures consistency across songs and makes it radio-ready), and I need to complete the graphics, layout and printing for the lyrics booklet and CD. I’m planning to choose simple, plastic-free packaging, but I would like it to be well-designed and executed.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, take a look to your right. There are options to pledge different amounts in exchange for a copy of the CD when it’s finished, and other awesome rewards. If I don’t make the total amount I need to finish the CD, then nothing will be charged to you. But with dedicated fans like you, who read all the way to the bottom of the page, I’m confident I can make it and you will be receiving a download link or a CD in your inbox or mailbox soon!

Thank you for your support! I couldn’t do it without you.

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Support Project Pawsitive in Building Dog Houses for a Wolf Refuge in Need

Over the past 20 years, the Loki Clan Dog Refuge has rescued countless abandoned, neglected, abused, and unwanted wolf dogs. It is a lifelong home to wolf dogs that would otherwise face certain euthanasia. They are condemned by law and the refuge is indispensable for their conservation and protection.

The Dog House Building Project will ensure that each animal at Loki Clan Wolf Refuge will be provided their own shelter. There are 25 packs of wolf dogs currently on 70 acres of land. Replacement of the old, inadequate dog houses and replacing them with strong, secure, and safe dog houses means that these beautiful animals will be also be secure and safe. These dog houses are needed for the safety and well-being of these amazing creatures that must live out their lives in a protected environment like the Loki Clan Wolf Refuge.

All donations go directly to funding Project Pawsitive’s effort to coordinate their part in the project, build as many dog house kits off-site as possible and travel to the refuge’s location to assemble. In addition, Project Pawsitive films and produces a webisode to bring greater awareness to the rescue they are helping. This webisode provides great detail about the Loki Clan and how people can support their efforts to save wolf dogs in jeopardy. This additional effort drives greater awareness, donations, and volunteers to the cause Project Pawsitive supports.

About Project Pawsitive:

After many hours of hard, dirty work, clearing out debris and installing new flooring at the Salem Animal Rescue League, Project Pawsitive Foundation president Jill Sullivan Grueter looked at her team’s completed project with pride. “I could picture the rescue getting more people in to adopt because the place looked clean. It looked safe,” she gushed in a YouTube chronicle of the project, “It was an awesome feeling.” Animal shelters devote themselves to caring for neglected animals until they can be placed into loving homes, but a lack of funding or natural disasters can leave facilities damaged and potentially unsafe. That’s where the construction experts and business professionals of the Project Pawsitive Foundation team come in, giving their time and abilities to help shelters stay open and continue their work of saving animals in need. Project Pawsitive Foundation relies on donations and sponsorships, and strives to renovate four or more animal rescues each year.

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A Kickstarter Film Documentary about Autism in Las Vegas

Documentary to help autism via the arts and tech in Nevada.

by David Berkowitz

Our goal is to make a documentary about autistic people in Las Vegas, what is being done the programs, people & results, real life.

In April 2012, the Centers for Disease Control announced that 1 in 80 children are diagnosed with autism. This has drawn global attention with over 71 percent of Americans expressing interest in learning more about autism alone. We aim to capture how real autistic people in Las Vegas, NV are dealing with the realty of autism. Personally I have a vested interest in bringing attention to autism. I am a high functioning father of 3 autistic kids and I would like to tell my story of our lives with autism as well as others in Las Vegas and their experiences with autism. In addition we will illustrate what is being done to help autism in Nevada as well especially in programs targeted to music, the arts, dance, music therapy and theater related programs .This film is targeted towards those families impacted by autism. As mentioned earlier I truly have a vested interest in helping bring exposure to autism, autism awareness and the autism programs in Nevada.

I met Temple Grandin a couple of times and she says that arts saved her life. I was in band for 7 years myself and it certainly helped me.

In regards to the documentary it consists of:

1) A overview on some of the autism for profit and nonprofit in the Las Vegas especially the ones that are focused around the arts, music, technology and music therapy as well as respite programs. It will detail what is being done now as what will be done in the next 12 months to improve the lives of people with autism.

2) Interviews with 10+ families that have been affected by autism and their stories especially ones that have experienced beneficial programs involving music and the arts and what can be done to improve them as well as what has been effective.

3) Information on my experience with autism and that of my family as well as my intentions as far as trying to help people with autism via tech, music and the arts. I will elaborate as to our initial plans and long term goals to help autistic people via technology, music and the arts and what it will take to make it happen and the impact on the local autism community as well.

We plan to do local interviews with autism programs that are involved with tech music and the arts. We will talk to families of people with autism, their friends, if we can we will talk to the people with autism as to their thoughts and opinions of the benefits that the arts, autism programs and music have added to their lives and quality of life.

This film explores and will show how art, music and technology can help individuals with autism communicate and express themselves. We will also illustrate the benefits that the families of the folks with autism have as a form of respite and culture too.

We need your help to illustrate how the arts, music and tech have and can improve the lives of those with autism as well as their families.

The following is what we need help with:

We want to get our message out there to as many people as possible. Our intent is to submit the film produce a finished DVD for sale, on the web and maybe a film festival as well.

In order to do the film we need:

-Equipment to film the movie

-Equipment or outside services to edit the film

-Help to review, and make changes to improve the film

-Audio Editing and subtitling

– Final Color Correction

– Audio Mixing

– DVD Replication and Packaging

– Digital Cinematic Package production to screen in cinemas and festivals

– Festival submission costs

We’re asking for the minimum it will cost to get all this done, but every dollar we receive will help us accomplish our goal and distribute the film.


– Give what you can

– Tell everyone you know

– Help us spread the word

Thank you and we hope you love the film as much as we do.

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